Don't want to be bothered with shipping and/or framing, but still want an original watercolor bird art to carry around with you? Why not get a wallpaper for your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet? Our birds have been specifically formatted to fit your gadget, and come in landscape (e.g., for laptops, desktops, tablets) or portrait (for phones or tablets). Upon completing an order, you will receive an email with a link to download the file. Please note that the resolution these files come in is not suitable for print. If you would like to purchase a digital file for print (for the same price) let me know the size you would like it to be printed, and I will make one for you (if possible)

Art Prints
of the birds of Central Park
Cut-Paper Vector Art Prints
cute animals from around the world

Original Art Gallery
including bookmarks
Featuring the birds of Central Park

Greeting/Note Cards
featuring the birds of Central Park